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We understand that not everyone can make time for lessons with an instructor. Life gets busy so we have made a few other options available. Whether it’s money or time, we want to help you learn. For those looking to learn online, we offer:

Option 1. We can provide one-on-one archery lessons via Skype or Facetime. The lessons are 45 minutes long. You will need a laptop with wireless internet that is capable of going outside. In this lesson, you will be shooting under the proper supervision of an Archery Pro instructor for a fraction of the price.

1-45 minute sessions: $59.00
4-45 minute sessions: $175.00
(private sessions)

Option 2. We have a robust video platform carrying our: Straight Shot- Online Archery School. (see more on the school below)

Intro Video to Our Online School

Our online course features everything you need to know about archery from sizing, equipment, stringing, set up, safety, grip, stance, shooting, grouping, scoring, and much more! There are dozens of videos, and dozens more will be added. This is all on a VERY robust platform. You have the opportunity to ask us questions and also see the answers to other students in the learning community.

  • SECTION 1: Getting Started
  • 1 Intro to Archery 02:07
  • 2 Safety 04:09
  • 3 History of Archery 02:42
  • SECTION 2: Equipment
  • 4 How to Tell if Your String is Upside Down? 01:11
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions
  • 6 How to String a Bow 02:22
  • 7 Bow Sizing 05:23
  • SECTION 3: The Shot
  • 8 How to Have the Proper Stance 02:20
  • 9 Nocking, Grip, and Anchor Point 05:41
  • 10 Grouping and How to Shoot 02:31
  • 11 Common Beginner Mistakes 03:58
  • 12 Scoring 01:38
  • SECTION 4: Final Section
  • 13 Wrap-Up and Key Points

Get Started with Learning Now: Straight Shot- Online Archery School.

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